A little late to the party here, but it’s a welcome change nonetheless. Alltel has just revealed that they will be offering Wi-Fi hotspot service along with their traditional data plans. The new service will run subscribers between $10-$30 a month depending on the existing plan, and gives users unlimited access to "thousands" of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. While the company doesn’t offer anything close to the market penetration that AT&T or T-Mobile provide, it does look like they have access point throughout the company’s service area, so it’s not a bad option for current Alltel subscribers. A new plan has also been unveiled, offering unlimited EV-DO and Wi-Fi for $69.98/month. Not exactly cheap, but it’s certainly not the most expensive data bundle we’ve ever seen. Any Alltel customers are free to add the Wi-Fi option to their current accounts effective immediately. Wait, people actually use Alltel? We kid, we kid!