While Digital Life is set up to celebrate lifestyle technology from all walks of life, you know we had to hit up the cell phones and mobile handsets first! There’s not a whole lot of breaking stuff here, but it’s always nice to see hotly anticipated handsets in the same place. Nokia was out in full force, demoing the N81 8GB, N95, E65, E90, and the N95 8GB. They also had a ton of N800 tablets on hand, which seems strange given the device’s relative age, but who are we to judge them? Palm brought the heat with their Centro handheld. That phone has been reviewed to death, but we’d like to point out that the keyboard is absolutely terrible. It feels like it was designed for 6 year olds (which might not be so off base, given the youth-centric appearence of Palm’s expo booth). Microsoft had a number of handsets on display, most notably the HTC TyTN II aka Tilt/Kaiser. All we say about this one, is that AT&T better get their act together. It’s that good. Hit the jump for more hands-on pics!