Image Courtesy: Engadget

Against all odds, it seems that Sling Media and RIM have listened to the cries of disenfranchised Slingbox users everywhere. Word on the street is that RIM and Sling are currently working together to bring a version of Sling Media’s SlingPlayer Mobile client to the BlackBerry operating system. Yes! There are very few specifics available as of yet, but we’d be hard pressed to imagine this coming to anything but EV-DO and Wi-Fi equipped ‘Berrys. Given the increasing prevalence of Wi-Fi in RIM’s recent handset offerings, this should prove to be a huge hurdle, but anyone with a lowly EDGE-equipped BlackBerry shouldn’t hold their breath. That said, we’re still overjoyed at this announcement. BG had told me Sling was always working on a client, and now it looks like it might be come a reality pretty soon. Bring it on, Sling. We’re waiting.