What do you get when you add USA 3G bands (850MHz / 1900MHz WCDMA)  to one of the most feature-rich phones on the market? Ah, you get the Nokia N95-3, and we’ve got it in the flesh in our hands-on studio! If you name something, this bad boy has got it. From Wi-Fi, to the spectacular 5 megapixel camera complete with 640×480 VGA video capture, A2DP Bluetooth, GPS and now those ever-coveted USA 3G bands, the N95-3 completely rocks out. If those above listed features weren’t enough, Nokia has upped the battery life on here dramatically. In order to do so, the back side of the device underwent a little makeover. This effectively shed the shutter lens from the phone, which is now controlled simply by software. The great part about it was that when you slid the lens open, the camera would automatically launch. This can be achieved by holding down the camera key, so we won’t miss it that much. We earlier reported the Chicago Nokia Store had the dark sand color in stock, and New York had the black in stock; we were duped by a Nokia Store sales person. No go on the black just yet, so hold off if you’re anal about colors. Ready for the hands-on gallery? We thought you’d be!

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