Looks like someone had a bit of a busy Sunday. First on the block with these exclusive shots is Mobility Today, bringing some AT&T-branded HTC Tilt/8925/Kaiser love to your computer monitors. This device is no stranger to our site, but the appearance of legitimate AT&T branding on the top right corner certainly lends credence to a rapidly approaching release date, right AT&T? Also on deck is the VX6800, which is Verizon’s version of the HTC Mogul, a handset that has been available on Sprint for several months now. Instead of Sprint’s drab grey exterior, Verizon instead opted for a cool blue finish that is sure to evoke a hate-it-or-love-it response from HTC loyalists across the country. The Samsung i760 has been thrown in for comparison’s sake. Of particular note is the sheer size of Sammy’s slider Windows Mobile 6 device. A bit large for our tastes. Nonetheless, we’re pretty impressed with these shots. Check out another pic after the jump.