Remember the fabled $100 laptop? This little green sucker is intended to bring the wonders of the internet, word processing, and more to people in the developing world who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford access to such luxuries. Sounds great, right? It is, though the process of acquiring such commodities is often far more complicated than one would think. The $100 laptop is will finally be available for pre-order starting November 12th. Great news, though there are a couple of issues. First, the $100 laptop has now become the $200 laptop. Not a whole lot of scrill, but a 200% 100% pricing increase is pretty significant. Second, anyone is free to ante up, but the price isn’t exactly straight forward. The only way to bring one of these green monsters into your home is to pony up $400. Half of that goes to you new companion, and half goes to providing a computer for a child in need. Not too shabby, if you ask us, but strong arming people into charitable acts seems a bit excessive, without at leat giving people an option. Anyone down to take the jump?