Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Second Life fans breathing a sigh of relief. Sony announced today that it was delaying the release of its Second Life-esque Playstation Home until Spring 2008, giving SL fans another couple of months before Sony starts stepping to their game. Second Life jokes aside, this is the latest in a string of problems, PR issues, and poor decisions on the part of Sony’s gaming division. Claiming the desire to perfect and further polish the service, Sony continues to shoot itself in the foot by blundering the Playstation 3 with all its might. We understand the desire to release a fully developed product to the masses, but the simple fact is that product delays look bad, and do nothing but increase skepticism and concern over Sony’s ability to compete in the global gaming marketplace. This begs the question, does the Playstation 3 have one game that makes you want to buy the PS3? You know, like Xbox had Halo? Good luck, Sony.