It’s not all graveyards and anger for Sony’s Gaming division. Despite their lackluster Playstation 3 sales, especially relative to the success and demand for Nintendo’s Wii, the company is making strides in the handheld gaming market. Following the recent release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Sony has seen amazing gains with their PSP. Last weeks sale’s numbers were rather telling, with Sony pushing over 95,487 PSP units relative to Nintendo’s 79,974 DS’. Not too bad. Nintendo still blasted Sony in the home console market, selling 26,181 Wii’s while Sony pushed a mere 13,101 Playstation 3’s, but progress is progress, right? The question is whether Sony will be able to ride this success after the luster of the new flagship game has faded. We’re guessing not, but a Sony fanboy can always dream, right?