Could this be the end of the road for CDMA? Both Verizon and Vodafone have announced that they will be running their 4th generation data networks on LTE, which is the GSM Association’s 4G protocol. The specifics of LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution, have yet to be fully solidified, but one thing is certain. There’s not a bit of CDMA compatibility in sight. This bit of news, coupled with Sprint’s recent adoption of WiMax in lieu of EV-DO Rev. C leads one to believe that, well, CDMA could finally be on its way out the door. The lack of global interoperability, lack of SIM card provisioning, and much more means that this departure is a welcome one, to say the least. That said, we wouldn’t shut the books on CDMA just yet. There are no immediate plans to begin LTE network rollout, so the switch, if it does come, won’t arrive for quite a while. We can hardly wait.

Thanks, Rob!