We don’t have any word from T-Mobile themeselves on this, but all of the pieces seem to be in place. A recently uncovered FCC filing reveals that HTC and T-Mobile USA might have a trick or two up their sleeves. The FCC was supposed to keep these bad boys under wraps until the 10th of September, at which point they were under instructions to remove them from their site. Oops! The product manual makes clear reference to myFaves, which as of this writing is only available in the good ‘ole USA. On top of that, the user manual clearly references the 1700MHz band that is destined for…T-Mobile USA. The manual also references t-mobile.com, which is the company’s American-specific URL. Anyone else convinced? Keep in mind that this isn’t confirmed by any of the parties involved, but the evidence would certainly suggest that the HTC Kaiser is headed for T-Mobile’s American network. The only question, however, is when?

Thanks, Orlando!


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