Are you always on your phone, either talking, texting, or using it as a flashlight to find your way around in the dark?  Well, then you know all of that sweet illumination can be a real drain on your battery. Fortunately, a startup called Unipixel is aiming to provide relief.  Right now as little as 5% of the light being generated by your backlight is actually finding its way to your screen. That’s because it passes through a series of filters and light polarizers to create the image you. And that inefficiency hits you square in the battery. Unipixel has designed a display that is illuminated by LED lights on the sides of the screen, without the need for it to pass through multiple filters, allowing for a brighter screen or battery savings with less brightness. A prototype is expected by the end of the year, but we say hurry up and bring this to market! Perhaps then our BlackBerrys will have a talk time as long as our wait for 3G…oh, snap!