Amazon is really pulling their weight this week. First they “release” the Pantech C810 with nary a peep from AT&T, and now they’ve gone ahead and made the BlackBerry 8820 available for purchase. For the three of you that don’t remember, the BlackBerry 8820 is by and large, identical to its predecessor, the 8800. GPS, BlackBerry push email, hate-it-or-love-it keyboard design, microSD storage slot, and more. There is, however, one small but significant difference: the BlackBerry 8820 sports Wi-Fi. This release makes it the first commercially available BlackBerry on American soil to sport that feature. Someone should call the Guinness Book. The phone is available for immediate purchase at $199.99, but keep in mind that the estimated ship time is 2-4 weeks, so don’t expect it show up on your porch tomorrow.

Thanks, TJHood!