Have things really been the same since T-Mobile got rid of Angelina Jolie Catherine Zeta Jones? We’re pretty sure they haven’t. We’re all for change and innovation, but getting rid of your “Get More” naming conventions? Have a little regard for tradition, T-Mobile, we beg you. Alas, the German-owned but secretly US-based carrier seems to have no interest in heeding our demands. Some leaked internal docs indicate that effective Wednesday, September 12th, the company will be doing away with the “Get More” naming convention for their “Nights and Weekends” plans. What, you might ask, do we get in its place? “Individual,” that’s what. For example, the “Get More Nationwide” plan will soon be known as the “Individual Prime” plan. Sounds pretty confusing, but don’t let us pass judgement on corporate brand identity. After all, they could have Master P as their spokesrapper. Wait, they do. No new plans, features, or promos will be offered, at least insofar as the information we’ve received indicates. A new name for plans. Nothing more, nothing less…just that we don’t “Get More” anymore.

Thanks, tmophonehome!