Are you one of the diminishing few who doesn’t own an iPhone, but finds yourself increasingly envious of the Jesus-phone’s stunning display and graphic-rich applications? Corner Space seems to think they have you covered. The software company has just launched CM3, a platform they are touting as the next great thing in mobile software development. CM3 is compatible with any Java-capable handset, and allows developers to create unified applications that run across a wide variety of platforms. And you thought interoperability was a dirty word…The idea, as they describe it, seems to be to bring the "iPhone experience" to the common man. A noble goal, Corner Space, but we’ll have to see it to believe it. Check out a full rundown of the platform features after the jump:

Key features

* Data-enabled channels of engaging content

* Multi-platform support across open and closed operating system platforms

* On-device catalog for easy discovery and management of content and services

* Support for rich media, including inline video, and native codecs

* Over-the-air updates of branded user interfaces

* Powerful mobile authoring capabilities