Integrating politics and online networking seems to be all the rage these days. Following the relatively huge success of the YouTube-hosted debates last month, MySpace and MTV have announced a partnership that should bring even more presidential hopefuls to your desktop. Sound good? Presidential hopefuls have been offered the opportunity to participate in MTV-hosted "chats" at university campuses across the country. Questions will be asked by way of MySpaceIM, text message, and email, with the answers broadcast live on MTV,, and Myspace…anyone think that sounds a bit redundant? Do we really need three viewing options? Candidates that have already signed up include Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Sam Brownback, Chris Dodd, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul and Bill Richardson. Phew….Edwards will be the first up on September 24th, so ready them questions, folks!