Move over, Joost, ‘cuz there’s a new game in town. WiTV, or Wireless Internet TV as the non acronym-obsessed among us might prefer, is framing itself as the next generation in streaming television content portals. The program will be easily accessed from any computer with internet access, providing a leg up over current services like Joost that require an application download to get up and running. Using a public machine at the library? No problem. Want to watch a bit of TV at work? No problem. It seems like a pretty decent solution to us, and the recent screenshot release proves it to be a rather elegantly fashioned interface. The problem, however, as with anything of this sort, is that success is intimately tied to content, content, and content. Unless WiTV can either get in bed with some major networks, or establish some sort of untapped market niche, then they’re sure to be relegated to the "nice try but go home" bin. Time, as always, will tell the tale.