Sort of makes you nostalgic, right? This throwback piece is a thumb drive masquerading as a mix tape crafted on a Hitachi Cassette. So vintage! It’s a great concept, evoking memories of a day when tape players were hot and the 8-track was not quite passe. To be fair, the Cassette housing is merely a case for the flash drive inside. You won’t be plugging the actually Hitachi case into anything, and we’re pretty sure that’s a good thing. We suppose the idea is for you to be so inspired by the mixtape appearance that you rush out and drop a “mixtape” of your own onto the flash drive, though you’re certainly free to put whatever the heck you please onto this storage device. We’re touched, but not terribly impressed…to really get us excited, drop an actual mixtape alongside the damn thumb drive. No word on pricing, storage, or availability, but expect this to command a certain premium over your run of the mill Memorex thumb drive.