Yeah, we know…YouTube practically is Google Video. Nevertheless, choices are choices and, given Google’s focus on YouTube content filtering, a persistent person just might be able to find some goodies in the Google Video matrix that wouldn’t last 30 seconds on YouTube. Previously limited to the built-in YouTube client for online video content, an ingenious soul has figured out how to play Google Video content on the iPhone. This complicated hack involves tapping the "Download for Video iPod" link next to a video and…well, that’s about it. The video is somehow cached onto your handheld, and the moving pictures show up on your iPhone media player. ‘Nuff said. Keep in mind that you’ll need a high bandwidth connection, i.e. Wi-Fi, and that as of right now it’s unclear as to whether the video files are stored somewhere within the iPhone’s file system. That said, this little "trick" should work for just about nay downloadable iPod-formatted video content you may come across…tap away!