And they’re not all that shabby. The German-based telecom company had a pretty successful quarter, with a wealth of numbers that seem to indicate positive motion. Bear in mind that the numbers and statistics are carrier generated, so take the grandstanding with a grain of salt. Even so, things appear to be looking pretty good. The company picked up 857,000 new customers during Q2, slightly down from the first quarter of ’07, but significantly higher than the 613,000 acquired during the same time last year. Churn remained relatively low at 1.8%, down from 2.4% a year earlier. Total revenue was $4.78 billion, up from $4.21 billion just one year ago. It seems that the lack of 3G isn’t the end of the world…T-Mobz, we might even consider switching to you if you would just get rid of the darn pink already!