Have you ever dreamt of being the personal assistant to the rich and powerful? Here’s your chance. Diddy, aka P. Diddy (only in England) aka Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, has decided to tap into the younger market in his quest for a new assistant. The music mogul is accepting online applications in the form of YouTube video auditions. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply by posting their very own YouTube clip, 3 minutes or less, explaining precisely why they would be a suitable successor to the venerable Fonzworth Bentley. Be warned, however, that Diddy has quite the temper, and is known for his bizarre, and frequent requests. You may find yourself fetching a sugar cookie from Spanish Harlem before you know it. Applicants must possess a college degree of some sort. Over 600 people have applied thus far, so get to your digicam and make us proud!

[Via NYTimes]