Joost founder Niklas Zennstrom announced yesterday that the service has racked up 1 million beta users. That’s one hell of a feat for what began as a small startup by a couple of inspired developers. Joost, for the 2 of you that don’t know, is an application that provides free streaming television content by way of your internet connection. The programs are sourced from a variety of networks (some good, some bad) and archived, allowing you to access your favorite or unseen episodes at any time. It’s a bandwidth-heavy application, but given the compressed nature of most streaming content, Joost manages to pull it off while maintaining decent picture quality. Of perhaps more importance, Zennstrom also announced that Joost will be leaving the beta phase by the end of this year, entering the free market with a 1.0 product. Good work guys, but can we please get some HBO up in there?