Image courtesy: Sci Fi Blog

It’s no secret that AT&T has been testing their Video Share a service in several select markets. Just when and where the service would leave the beta process, however, has been a bit of a mystery…until now. AT&T launched Video Share today in over 160 markets, marking the first time an American carrier has taken a stab at the 3G video conferencing game with a select few handsets. Granted, Video Share is a bit of a compromise, offering users the ability to share clips one at a time in one-way form only…no face-to-face conferencing here, at least not for the time being. That said, if you want to share some live-ish mobile clips, this is pretty much the only game in town. The service will be available for $4.99 including 25 minutes of video share footage, or $9.99 for 60 minutes. Both parties must have compatible phones and service plans.