Given the attention focused on the iPhone as of late, it’s no surprise that the device that started it all, the iPod, is in need a little update love. Rumors have been flying for quite a while about the 6G iPod. When is it dropping? Will it have a touchscreen? Widescreen? Wi-Fi? Mac Rumors is reporting that the 6G iPod will not sport a touchscreen interface a la iPhone. It will retain the current generation’s click wheel setup, sporting a redesigned UI. According to the report, the new iPod interface will sport Cover Flow, album art transition effects, and a spanking new split screen interface. It’s not clear whether the device will be running a iPhone-like version of OS X.  Mac Rumors is also reporting that the drop date could be as early as August 7th. Take this with a grain of salt for now, as the track listings for The Beatles’ albums are incorrect, but we wouldn’t at all be shocked if this one actually panned out.