Yeah, that RAZR. It looks like the venerable RAZR 2 will be heading to AT&T before too long. The good ole’ FCC has leaked some regulatory documents, including a product manual that clearly references the old Cingular. If that isn’t enough evidence for you, the “RAZR 2” is a 3G, HSDPA capable handset. $10 to you if you can name America’s only HSDPA capable network. Yep, you’re right. In addition, the Motorola V9 pictured in the FCC docs has a Cingular “Jack” logo, and Cingular Video key on the keypad. The RAZR V9 is a powerhouse of a handset, sporting an aluminum body, 2 megapixel camera, JUIX Synergy operating system, and full featured media player. Oh, yeah, and it’s got the aforementioned HSDPA goodness. No word on precisely when this baby will drop, but FCC approval and printed manuals means that it’s getting close to go time.