I hope everyone out there who wants one of these bad boys either got one, or is in line, because it is sheer beauty. From our first impressions, the Apple iPhone definitely lives up to its "shock and awe" factor. Give us a little bit to put it though the paces and really test it out! But for now, we can tell you this. The iTunes activation was a breeze — no hiccups whatsoever. Coverflow scrolls like butta’, Safari shines on WiFi, but is a little slow on EDGE, and Google Maps is pretty bad ass! Who managed to get one?? Hit us up people.

UPDATE: Guys, not lookin’ good! One phone activated fine, the second one, when turned on and connected to iTunes, just opened iTunes, and let you copy music, videos, sync everything, etc. It never came to an activation screen! This is not good. Not that I care, I’ll figure it out, but what about that whole thing about buying it and not being able to use anything??

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