We often get tips and other bits of information from reliable sources that sometimes don’t make it into posts. Maybe we don’t have a picture or document, but it’s still info that we’d like to share. When information like this surfaces, we’ll enter them into BG’s Corner (think Coffee Talk for techies). Look for these posts to appear weekly, sometimes more regularly. If you’re a Motorola Ming fan but never really got around to picking one up, you should be in for a treat! We’ve got intel that the Motorola A1200 Ming was supposed to launch on Cingular, but was recently scrapped for one reason or another. The catch, is that Motorola is said to working on a 3G version of the device, except it has 850MHz/1900MHz WCDMA bands, better known as AT&T 3G. It supposedly has new features like a new animation scheme for the menus, and a higher resolution video capture which will be CIF instead of QCIF. The launch date is currently unknown. That’s it for now!