We’ve uncovered T-Mobile’s MySpace plans for its Sidekick devices. The Sidekick MySpace application will allow users to edit their profiles, upload pictures from their device, read/send messages, post comments, and much more. The program, which will be available from the Sidekick catalog, will keep you logged in constantly, notifying you immediately of any new comments, friend requests, and messages. You can also customize the alerts and notifications. The screenshots look pretty dope, with a clean interface that gives you immediate access to the most important information. The app also indicates how many of your friends are online at any given time, a feature that’s exclusive to the Sidekick interface. Current Sidekick 3 and iD owners will be able to install this sometime in the near future. It will come as standard fare on the upcoming Sidekick Zante. No word yet on exactly when it’s dropping, but given the polished nature of T-Mobile’s support documentation, we have a hunch it might be sooner than you’d think. Hit the link for the full FAQ and some more tasty screen captures.

Thanks Fully!