Gracenote, the company that tells you what CD you’ve put into your computer, is on a mission to make the cell phone music experience a bit more pleasant. They’ve announced their upcoming Mobile Music Platform 2.0, which aims to link cell phones, PCs, and online music stores in a beautiful web of harmonious interaction. Users can look up artist/song/album names for specific tracks on a desktop, and port that information over to their handsets. The more impressive aspect of the system, however, allows owners of supported handsets to query the service with a snippet of audio, lyrics, band name, and more. The service then determines what song you’re looking for, and provides you with the option to purchase that song. Pretty hot. The only two compatible handsets, at least at the moment, are the Sony Ericsson W910 and the K850, though they expect to expand to more phones in the near future. It will be interesting to see just how well MM2 works. If it’s accuracy is acceptable, then it could provide a convenient way to get the music you want onto your handset with a modicum of trouble. But, aren’t the mentioned Sony Ericsson phones not even out? Oh, ok.


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