Wi-Fi equipped cameras are nothing new, with several major manufacturers offering the feature as a means of uploading photos to the web on the go. These models tend to command a bit of a premium, however, and those of us with older non Wi-Fi equipped shooters have been forced to cry ourselves to sleep, relegated to a life without the coveted feature. Dry your eyes, my dear friends, as Eye-fi aims to bring wireless internet-equipped cameras to the rest of us. Eye-fi is a Wi-Fi enabled SD card with built in memory. Once inserted into your camera you will be able to instantaneously upload your memories and home videos to the photo hosting service of your choice. Capacity should clock in at 2 GB, and the card will retail for roughly $100 when it drops this fall. The price is about $70 more than your average 2 GB SD card, so unless Wi-Fi is of the utmost importance, we would suggest a pass, though we suspect that more than a few amongst us will take the bait.