Concept designs can go in a variety of directions. Beautiful, timeless, incredibly functional, or ridiculous. This "Yo-Yo Phone" certainly falls into the latter category. Concocted for manufacturer NEC by American designer Shaik Ridzwan, the Yo-Yo Phone looks like a, yo-yo. The circular concept has what appear to be two smooth, rounded bezels. The top bezel flips up to reveal an LCD, numeric keypad, and speaker. The Yo-Yo effect is heightened by the attached pair of retractable stereo headphones that conveniently wrap around the center of the handset. Yep, just like a Yo-Yo string. How clever. It would be easy to pass this off as hot air, and it will most likely never see the local phone store shelves, but the fact that it was commissioned by a legitimate manufacturer means that it’s certainly closer to seeing the light of day than most equivalent ideas. That being said, don’t bet on it. From the looks of the thing it would appeal to a very specific demographic, and not a single person more.