Things just keep getting better for Verizon’s unlimited data subscribers. It initially appeared that Verizon was placing a hard cap on their subscribers data usage, limiting customers who had subscribed to an “unlimited” data plan to 5 GB a month. Bad news, folks. It looks like they may have lowered that cap to a paltry 4 GB. Not very classy, Verizon.  Anyone caught using more than 4 GB of data in a single month will be presumed to be using the service in an unapproved manner, like running a server, or streaming vast amounts of video and audio content. If you get flagged, you could be subject to a variety of different penalties, including massive overage charges and/or termination of your service. We realize that this has been around for a while, but it seems like the term “unlimited” has been rendered completely meaningless. If a company wants to place a cap on usage, they have every right to do so, but they should be required to re-brand their offerings as well. Then again, “4 GB data plan!” sounds far less appealing than “Unlimited Data Plan!”