With the ever-looming release date approaching every day, it would be great to know exactly what our ever-so-informed-and-trusted AT&T reps are hearing. Take a look at the latest talking points memo that we got a hold of. A breif recap below is followed by the full doc!

  • “AT&T and Apple have formed a multi-year exclusive partnership, leveraging the strengths of both companies, to create revolutionary new wireless products.” Notice that they used products, refering to more than one. The document goes on to say that, “the first of these products is the iPhone, an innovative wireless phone combining the reliability of the AT&T network and the simplicity and functionality of an iPod.” Another confirmation of more devices to come. 
  • AT&T will also give you “access to MyAccount via the device and the iTunes site, allowing customers complete ability to manage their AT&T service”. It looks like they are definitely trying to integrate everything as seemlessly as possible which in the end should make for a much more pleasurable experience for the consumer.
  • Who can purchase the iPhone? “New and existing customers can purchase iPhone in June 2007.” But are there any restrictions on who can buy one? From what we can tell, you must have a “qualified service plan” to purchase one. Is this just an existing plan that you will need to have or will a brand new plan specifically for the iPhone be created?

  • A little further down in the document we come across this excerpt, “details on the qualified service plans will be made available nearer to the launch date (June 2007).”

So there ya have it. New and existing customers will be able to buy the iPhone, yet they must have or add a “qualified” service plan in order to do so. Apple and AT&T will be launching multiple products together, and hugging each other as closely as possible to integrate the iPhone into both brands systems.

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