Say wha’? Yep, you heard it right. YouTube has entered into an agreement with Hearst-Argyle Television to add weather, news, and entertainment videos from five local markets. These TV stations include Pittsburgh, Manchester N.H., Boston, Baltimore, and Maryland. The new additions will be dedicated channels on YouTube and marks the first distribution agreement between independant television broadcasters and YouTube. Jordan Hoffner, head of premium content partnerships for YouTube said that they are, "constantly looking at innovative ways to not only bring the YouTube community the best content out there, but also to find ways to bring them the most relevant programming”. While it’s great YouTube is expanding their online videos we’re not sure how relavant this programming is to the average person looking at some poor kids throwing up on roller coasters on YouTube. On the different side of the spectrum, YouTube has actually started to feature EMI music videos and performances which should appeal more to the general and occasional video watcher. Whatcha’ think guys, are you interested?