Could a brand new iMac design be on the horizon? If current rumors are to be believed, the answer could be yes. Tipster site 9to5mac is convinced that a brand new brushed metal design could be unleashed on an unsuspecting public during the upcoming WWDC. The design will reportedly closely resemble the current generation Cinema Displays, which feature a slick metal exterior case. Other rumored features include a Santa Rosa chipset and the potential for screen sizes larger than the current 20″ and 24″ offerings. Prices will remain comparable to current models. Whether or not this rumor pans out is anyone’s guess at the moment, but Apple’s recent death stab to their 17″ iMac certainly points towards an upcoming overhaul of their consumer desktop lineup. For the time being, check out the artist’s rendering of a brushed metal iMac above, and hold tight for another week until the start of WWDC, which is shaping up to be quite an exciting chapter in Apple’s history.


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