Maybe you didn’t catch our Hands on! alone time with the Motorola Q9h yesterday. Maybe you just need a couple more shots to hold you over. If so, this should definitely appease both crowds. Live shots of an AT&T-branded Motorola Q9h in the concrete jungle comin’ right up! As you can see from the pictures, the OS as well as the back battery cover are heavily AT&T branded and should be making their way into stores around August, as previously reported here. One big blunder I’m hearing, is that there are in fact two different devices. One with the European WCDMA 2100 MHz band, and then obviously the US-bound one with WCDMA 850/1900 MHz bands. A little bit of a disappointment as we were sure the days of ever confusing the consumer with different hardware variations were over. Right, RIM? Check out the shots after the jump!

Click on over to experience the AT&T Motorola Q9h in the concrete jungle!