Remember the BlackJack? Samsung’s stab at creating a slim, pocketable 3G smartphone has all but faded into the distance since its release last Fall, surpassed by a new generation of the latest and greatest. Never one to be content with second place, Samsung has begun work on the BlackJack/i600 successor, the i620. This smartphone comes decked out in slider regalia, with the keypad revealing a full QWERTY layout. Samsung has unfortunately retained its awful BlackJack keyboard layout, but for a sexy slider smart phone we suppose certain sacrifices are acceptable. Other features include Wi-Fi, HSDPA, tri-band GSM (most likely indicating exclusivity to Asia/Europe only), a front facing VGA camera, rear facing 2 megapixel cam, and a D-pad wheel. No mention of specific OS, but expect Windows Mobile 6 Standard. Not too shabby at all. No word on release date or price either, and the initial tri-band radio means that we probably won’t see this thing on our shores at launch. Then again, don’t be surprised if Sammy decides to make a quad-band US version as well.