Ok, so we’re live on the Palm Foleo Webinar getting a detailed overview of how Palm is “advancing mobile computing”. Am I the only one that just doesn’t think so? After all, you have to have your Treo paired to the Foleo to use the internet while on the move. It does have WiFi built in but come on! It’s small, light, based on Linux, but I personally just don’t see how this is going to sell. It is basically an extension of your device, and for all intents and purposes you’d be better off with a full laptop, let alone a fake UMPC. The one advantage Palm has going for their new Foleo is the pricing. It starts at around $499 and will launch this summer in Palm’s retail stores. After all the hype, the crippling — not to mention what, 5 years too late? Palm is going to have to try another way to scam me; I’m done falling for their mind tricks. Anyone agree that this won’t be the device to save Palm?