We’ve had multiple sources tell us the same exact thing: HTC’s huge announcement on June 5th will be an HTC Elf device with multi-touch. Not wanting to jump the gun, we waited to try and confirm as much of this as possible. After everything panned out, it does look like this could well indeed be what HTC is planning to launch! You are probably asking yourself, “Didn’t BGR just unbox an HTC Elf?”. The answer to that question is, yes, we definitely did! One small change though. The unit we received was actually recalled by HTC. No information was given, but that is when the multi-touch rumor started to make perfect sense. In addition, HTC’s public relations team had no comment on the newly developed speculations. There ya’ have it! Let’s see if this really does happen. While Windows Mobile can’t really compete with the Apple iPhone, you can best believe everyone is trying to steal as much thunder as possible.

[Via Engadget Mobile]