Remember all of that noise about Sony’s potentially copyright infringing “rumble” action on their Dual Shock controllers? They may have dodged a bullet on that one, but they’ve once again found themselves in legal hot water. Target Technology, a California company, is claiming that the thin metal alloy film that Sony uses to coat their Blu-ray discs violates their 2006 patent. The actual text of the offending patent is for “Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium.” Say wha’? The fact that they were able to sneak this ridiculous “original idea” past the hawks at the U.S. patent office aside, it’s pretty shocking that they’ve gone so far as to take poor old Sony to court. On the upside, the odds that Sony gets the case thrown out are pretty darn good I’d say. This can’t be helping the situation at Sony HQ as they attempt to regain some of the market share that they’ve so callously lost over the last year or so.

[Via PS3Fanboy]