Just when you thought that modern society didn’t need consumption to get any more convenient, something like this comes along. The PayPass is a limited edition time piece that’s currently available exclusively through Garanti Bank in Turkey. As you may have surmised from the prominently placed MasterCard logo on the watch face, this oh so fashionable wrist clock allows users to make purchases at a number of pre-determined points of business, including Starbucks, Burger King, and of the Istanbul Ferry Corporation. The catch? Purchases must be under 15 Euros, or $22. All you have to do is flash that ice on your wrist in front of a special scanner, and the bits inside handle the rest. On the time keeping side of things, this orange devil keeps the time, date, and is reportedly shockproof. How very pedestrian. Low credit limit aside, this should make springing for that next Whopper, latte, or Turkish ferry ride, that much more streamlined.

[Via GearLive]

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