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ZTE’s sketchy crowd-sourced phone is already a failure

In a move that everyone saw coming a mile away, ZTE has had to admit that its “Hawkeye” sticky-backed, eye-tracking, crowdsourced smartphone is already a colossal failure. Having raised just $35,000 of its >>

Stick this phone on the wall and control it with your eyes

What do smartphone buyers actually want out of their devices? Chinese electronics manufacturer ZTE wanted to find out, so they created Project CSX, which apparently stands for “Crowd Source X” — I guess >>

ZTE’s upcoming flagship could make Samsung worried

ZTE’s first Axon smartphone was everything we’ve come to expect from China’s no-brand smartphone manufacturers: cheap, powerful, and basically boring. If these leaked specs are true (and the price stays close to $250) >>

Everything ZTE announced at CES 2016 today

It’s nearly the end of the day here on the East Coast, but CES 2016 is still going strong in Las Vegas. We’ve covered some interesting new hardware from several companies already, but >>