Hype continues to build around Creative’s Zii announcement

January 2nd at 3:42 PM

Hype continues to build around Creative’s Zii announcement

Wow. Creative looks to be building up to what will either be the most exciting announcement of CES, or yet another let down from the world of portable players. According to a new email sent from Creative to those who signed up for updates on the Zii website, something massive is brewing at Creative that has over 10 years of work, 10,000 man-years and over one billion dollars behind it. That’s a pretty impressive investment, Creative. Here’s the email:

Zii is StemCell Computing

Thank you and congratulations on the early registration.
You are now part of a privileged group that will witness the life changing event of 2009. You will be invited to join a new movement that will experience revolutionary breakthroughs.

Everything you know is about to change.

Drawing our inspiration from the intelligence of Mother Nature – who through over a billion years of evolution has designed the basic building block of life: the stem cell – we have created a stem cell-like silicon that is able to grow and multiply into different solutions and ecosystems.

With an investment that spans over 10 years, over a billion dollars and over 10,000 man-years, the world is poised to experience a breakthrough that will better lives beyond our imagination.

Even in the midst of these turbulent times, you will discover incredible recession-friendly business opportunities that enable you to thrive and prosper.

To find out more about Zii and how it can change your life, visit our booth (booth #30651) at CES 2009, or go to Zii.com from 8 January 2009 for updates.

We’re not sure what else Creative could say to hype this one up short of claiming the Zii cures the common cold and rubs your feet after a long day at the office. Rest assured we’ll be paying close attention to Creative’s CES announcement and if it turns out to be a big bucket of flop, well, at least Creative’s PR firm did its job.


Creative to unveil new Zii processor at CES

December 29th at 1:01 PM

Creative to unveil new Zii processor at CES

Everything you know is about to change… That is the tag line found on a Creative teaser page tied to a brand new processor the company will be unveiling at CES next month. Dubbed Zii, the new processor comes along side a newly-trademarked phrase, “Stemcell computing,” which bears absolutely no meaning at this point in time. As such, the only thing we can say with any certainty about the upcoming announcement is that Creative does not intend to market the new chip to pro-lifers. Marcom initiatives like this often make sensational claims in an effort to build hype but we still have some big expectations as Creative fan sites claiming to know what the company is up to seem pretty excited as we get closer to the announcement, now just over a week away. The new chip is reportedly intended for use in “a variety” of upcoming products though we have no idea what those products might be or how the Zii might benefit them. So sound off in the comments – what do you guys think Creative has planned for CES and more importantly, will it even matter as far as Creative’s US market share is concerned?

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