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Live 360 video streams coming to YouTube this week

The VR revolution continues. On Monday, Google announced that  360-degree live streaming is the latest feature to hit YouTube. It’s been just over a year since YouTube began supporting 360-degree videos on its site >>

EFF proves T-Mobile is throttling YouTube

T-Mobile’s Binge On product might be a great way to conserve mobile data while still watching plenty of videos over a cellular connection, but many criticize the program and suggest that it breaks net >>

Ad-free YouTube is finally coming… for a price

How many people would pay $9.99 per month to have an ad-free version of YouTube? Google is about to find out. Starting on October 28th, Google will give users the option to subscribe to >>

Facebook reveals its plan to dethrone YouTube

Facebook yesterday revealed its new multi-pronged plan for online video domination. While YouTube remains the current and undisputed king of online video, the ubiquitous social network is making a number of important moves >>