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What happens on the Internet in one minute?

The Internet is an amazing place that gets both better and worse every minute. The web is advancing at a rapid rate, with newly created content generating massive amounts of traffic for an >>

EFF proves T-Mobile is throttling YouTube

T-Mobile’s Binge On product might be a great way to conserve mobile data while still watching plenty of videos over a cellular connection, but many criticize the program and suggest that it breaks net >>

25 most iconic ads of 2015, as selected by YouTube

Now that we’re in the home stretch of 2015, you can expect to see end of the year lists popping up all over the Internet for the next several weeks. This Tuesday, YouTube >>

YouTube plans to take on Netflix with streaming deals of its own

YouTube has just launched a $9.99/month subscription service called YouTube Red that aims to compete with similar products from the competition. But in addition to removing ads from all YouTube videos, YouTube Red might soon >>