Live shots of Nokia’s new music phones emerge

March 11th at 1:34 PM

Live shots of Nokia’s new music phones emerge

Nokia’s trio of new music phones were leaked only slightly ahead of schedule this time around, but that won’t stop live images from making their way around the internet without the Finnish company’s blessing. Just as with last night’s leak, another Dutch site is behind today’s live cameos and it has some great crisp shots of the handsets in action – no tiny blurrycam pics here. Surprisingly perhaps, Nokia’s new handsets look even better in real life than in the company’s mockups. No, we’re still not overly interested in any of them but they’ll certainly find happy homes somewhere, no doubt. Hit the jump for another shot of the 5730 XpressMusic pictured above, along with shots of the 5330 XpressMusic and the 5030.

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Nokia makes new music handsets official, expands music services

March 11th at 8:00 AM

Nokia makes new music handsets official, expands music services

Following last night’s little slip up, Nokia has officially launched three new music handsets, the 5030, 5330 XpressMusic and the 5730 XpressMusic. Preliminary details were a bit shoddy but the basics were all pretty much covered. Now that they’re official however, let’s take a look at what we didn’t know last night:

First up is the entry level Nokia 5030, the first Nokia handset to feature an internal FM Radio antenna. The internal antenna facilitates FM radio playback without the need to plug in a headset or external speakers of any kind. The handset targets emerging markets and will not be an XpressMusic series phone. Next up are the 5330 and 5730 XpressMusic phones. The 5330 is a slider with dedicated XpressMusic touch keys on the side of the display, 26 hours of music playback and social network integration. The 5730 XpressMusic phone is a side-sliding QWERTY with two keypads and dedicated gaming keys. It features a home screen for XpressMusic that provides access to music content, calendar, N-Gage and other applications such as Facebook, Photos, Ovi Contacts and Maps. Timing and pricing from last night was all spot on: The 5030 XpressRadio is slated to launch in Q2 2009 for an affordable €40 ($51) while the 5330 XpressMusic and the 5730 XpressMusic are both slated for a Q3 2009 release as Comes With Music compatible phones for €160 ($203) and  €280 ($366), respectively.

Nokia also announced the expansion of both its Nokia Music Store and its Comes With Music service. Already available in 15 markets across three continents, the Nokia Music Store will launch in Mexico on Wednesday with expansion to Portugal, Norway and South Africa in the coming months. The Comes With Music service will also move beyond its current UK and Singapore limits and will launch soon in Italy, Sweden and Mexico.


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