Viva la Xmarks!

October 8th at 3:33 PM

Viva la Xmarks!

Last month, we reported on the demise of cross-browser, bookmark-syncing service Xmarks. This month, we are happy to inform you that is looks like Xmarks will live on. According to a recent blog post by the company, an outpouring of support from users has drastically changed the company’s plans. As Xmarks explains:

The past ten days have been an amazing lesson in the power of community. Not in the “web 2.0 social graph” sense – I’m talking about old school community with users speaking up, speaking out and banding together. Thank you Xmarks users. You told the world it was simply unacceptable for our service to shut down and it worked. Thanks to your passion, Xmarks now has multiple offers from companies ready and willing to take over the service and keep making browser sync better and better!

The company does note that no deal has been finalized, but they are confident with multiple offers on the table Xmarks will be able to stay open for business. At time of publishing, over 35,000 users had pledged to pay between $10 and $20 per year for the service. Hit the read link to read the full post. More →


Xmarks browser bookmark syncing service closing doors in January

September 28th at 8:30 AM

Xmarks browser bookmark syncing service closing doors in January

Browser bookmark synchronization tool Xmarks has announced that they will be closing down their popular service in the next 90 days. Todd Agulnick, Co-Founder and CTO, explains:

With the emergence of competent sync features built in to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, it’s hard to see users paying for a service that they can now get for free. For four years we have offered the synchronization service for no charge, predicated on the hypothesis that a business model would emerge to support the free service. With that investment thesis thwarted, there is no way to pay expenses, primarily salary and hosting costs. Without the resources to keep the service going, we must shut it down.

Xmarks, formerly Foxmarks, began offering free bookmark synchronization for the Firefox web browser in early 2006 before later expanding to support additional browsers, taking its new name in 2009. Fare-thee-well Xmarks, thank you for your service. More →


Google enables extension and bookmark syncing for Chrome on Windows

January 25th at 7:19 PM

Google enables extension and bookmark syncing for Chrome on Windows

Chrome Browser Interface

Today, Google released an updated version of its Chrome web browser for the Windows platform, adding a highly requested feature: extension and bookmark syncing. Linux fans, although currently able to install extensions, won’t have access to bookmark and extension syncing just yet. As for Mac users, Google had this to say, “hang tight — we’re working on bringing extensions, bookmark sync and more to the beta soon.” Firefox users who leverage the XMarks (formerly FoxMarks) extension know the value of bookmark syncing, and many FF users — present company included — lust for an easy way to keep extensions synchronized between multiple computers. Perhaps this latest move by the Chrome team will spark the likes of Apple and Mozilla to think about building more synchronization functionality into their respective browsers? Until that does happen, all interested parties can head over to to check out the latest build.

Also of note: if you want to live on the dangerous side, Chromium developer builds for Mac support extensions and bookmark syncing.
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