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Motorola gives Korea a little Android love with MOTOROI

While we’re busy sitting here trying to figure out how this new phone is supposed to be pronounced, South Koreans are rejoicing that this Android device has become official there. We’ve all seen >>

The LG Xenon arrives at Rogers for $79.99

A press release has yet to cross the wire, but a few of our eagle-eyed readers have sent us links to Rogers’ website which is now listing the LG Xenon. The Xenon becomes >>

AT&T’s LG Xenon comes out of hiding

Having been delayed by AT&T causing it to miss its pre-Christmas launch, live photos of the LG Xenon are just now starting to surface on the internet in true pre-release style. The photos >>

LG Xenon hitting AT&T before Christmas?

We just got our perfectly manicured hands on a photo of what we’re told is the LG Xenon. It was described to us as being in AT&T’s labs right now undergoing testing, and >>