Four-day Workweeks Raise Productivity

Four-day work weeks are growing in popularity and you’ll absolutely love them

By on August 31, 2015 at 1:25 PM.

Four-day work weeks are growing in popularity and you’ll absolutely love them

Being stuck in an office five days a week for at least eight hours a day doesn’t necessarily make you more productive, as there are plenty of ways to pretend you’re working when you really aren’t. In fact, it looks like more and more companies have come to realize that their employees might be better off working four-day work weeks since they’ll still be able to get the job done in spite of taking more personal time. More →

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T-Mobile's Android Wi-Fi Calling explained

By on October 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM.

T-Mobile's Android Wi-Fi Calling explained

This morning, T-Mobile announced that Wi-Fi calling would be coming to select Android handsets in the near future. We reached out to our friends at T-Mobile to ask what the difference — if any — would be between Wi-Fi calling on an Android device versus a non-Android device. Here is T-Mobile’s response:

Wi-Fi Calling for Android is built upon the same technology as UMA, but is a different implementation from our past offerings. While T-Mobile’s current Wi-Fi Calling solution which operates on BlackBerry smartphones, for instance, seamlessly hands off calls from T-Mobile’s network to Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi Calling for Android does not.

A pre-installed application from T-Mobile will allow customers to make and receive voice calls and SMS over an accessible Wi-Fi connection.  This provides customers with better in-door coverage and in some cases may provide the ability to make voice calls in locations where they weren’t able to do so previously.

For consumers, Wi-Fi Calling for Android increases coverage and uses voice minutes. [NOTE: calls originate on Wi-Fi, but are carried across T-Mobile’s network once beyond the initial Wi-Fi connection.]  T-Mobile also has plans for business which can help defer wireless minutes and provide cost savings.

Wi-Fi Calling will be available on the new T-Mobile myTouch, Motorola DEFY and others Android phones in the coming weeks. We are planning to expand Wi-Fi Calling for Android to as broad a selection of Android smartphones in our line-up as possible.  Éclair (2.0/2.1)  and Froyo (2.2) are the Android OS versions that currently support the application.

There you have it. Let us know your thoughts.


BGR is looking for NYC interns for the summer!

By on May 24, 2010 at 5:01 PM.

BGR is looking for NYC interns for the summer!


Since we have a brand new office in the heart of New York City, school is basically done, and we are growing faster than ever, we are looking for die-hard BGR interns for the summer. If you think you are up for working with us, hit us up. Please live in NYC or be able to quickly commute. Also, we would be looking for someone who could put in a decent amount of time — at least around 20-30 hours per week.

If you would like to apply, hit the break for the finer details! More →