Windows Mobile 6.1 News

Some handsets suffer Y2K16 SMS bug

Ah, yes, Y2K…remember the good old days?  ATM’s weren’t going to recognize your bank card, servers were going to spontaneously combust, and elevators would have no idea where the second floor was. For >>

Garmin Nuvifone to rock out with Windows Mobile 6.5

You know your proprietary mobile OS isn’t all that great when we go ahead and say: thank heavens for Windows Mobile. Garmin/ASUS have announced that their M20 “GPS that can make phone calls&rdquo >>

TELUS' HTC Touch Pro2 now available at Best Buy

Oh Best Buy, how we love you so. It doesn’t seem to matter to you whether or not a carrier has officially launched a device, because you’re in the big box business and >>

Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani 2 to sport 800MHz processor

By meticulously sifting through all of the information available on the Bluetooth SIG website, it’s possible to learn about handsets before their existence has been announced by manufacturers. Once in a while however >>

LG announces the Aigen LG-GM730

While Samsung might think that its two new Omnia Pro’s are the hottest new Windows Mobile devices on the planet, LG is confident that its done Samsung one better with the Aigen LG-GM730. >>