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BlackBerry OS 6.0 shots surface? Probably not

Take this as you will, but we’ve been told the images floating around of “BlackBerry OS 6.0” are nothing more than concept mockups that were originally made for RIM’s MWC presentation. You might >>

Motorola DROID update delayed?

We have heard from multiple sources that the much-awaited Android 2.1 OS upgrade due to start today, has been delayed. We’re told a last minute bug late last night was found. There is >>

Palm webOS coming to T-Mobile?

One of our solid Palm connects just dropped something pretty interesting in our inbox… According to him, T-Mobile is in “final stages” of planning out their webOS device launch with Palm. Apparently the >>

Sony Ericsson X10 definitely hitting AT&T

We’ve just been told from an AT&T source of ours that the Sony Ericsson X10 is 100% coming to AT&T, and pretty soon. Our connect has heard an April-May time frame. What about >>

Nexus One having data issues?

Tips have been coming in left and right — it seems there is an issue with T-Mobile’s data service paired with the Google Nexus One device at the moment. How’s it going for >>

T-Mobile USA to carry over 8 HTC handsets in 2010?

That’s what one of our solid connects are telling us. To be clear, we’ve been informed that we’re looking at 8 SKUs total and that does include current and future product launches. So >>