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Let us celebrate the world’s first web page

One of the biggest inventions of our time was made at a mind-numbingly boring Swiss headquarters of European Organization of Nuclear Research. 25 years ago, Tim Berners Lee’s idea about “a wide-area hypermedia information >>

Twitter unveils redesigned web app

Twitter on Wednesday took the wraps off a redesigned version of its mobile website that has already begun rolling out to select users. The new design, most agree, represents a marked improvement over >>

Google launches Web-based Android Market

During a press conference on Wednesday, Google announced and subsequently launched a Web-based version of the Android Market. Providing functionality similar to iTunes where apps are concerned, the new Android Market website will >>

Google tweaks Gmail for mobile Safari

Today, Google announced two, small improvements to their Gmail web interface for mobile Safari: scrolling speed and the toolbar availability. First, scrolling: Google explains that the new scrolling on is now “snappier&rdquo >>